In the Land of a Thousand Gods (Book published December 18, 2018


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Author  Christian Marek
Publisher  Princeton University Press
Publication Date   December 18, 2018
ISBN  0691182906
Pages  824

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A monumental history of Asia Minor from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire

In this critically acclaimed book, Christian Marek masterfully provides the first comprehensive history of Asia Minor from prehistory to the Roman imperial period. Blending rich narrative with in-depth analyses, In the Land of a Thousand Gods shows Asia Minor’s shifting orientation between East and West and its role as both a melting pot of nations and a bridge for cultural transmission. Marek employs ancient sources to illuminate civic institutions, urban and rural society, agriculture, trade and money, the influential Greek writers of the Second Sophistic, the notoriously bloody exhibitions of the gladiatorial arena, and more. He draws on the latest research―in fields ranging from demography and economics to architecture and religion―to describe how Asia Minor became a center of culture and wealth in the Roman Empire. A breathtaking work of scholarship, In the Land of a Thousand Gods will become the standard reference book on the subject in English.

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