Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply (Book published March 26, 2002


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Author  A. Trevor Hodge
Publisher  Bristol Classical Press
Publication Date   March 26, 2002
ISBN  0715631713
Pages  512

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How did a Roman waterworks work? How were the aqueducts planned and built? What happened to the water before it arrived in the aqueduct and after it left, in catchment, urban distribution and drainage? What were the hydraulics and drainage involved?

In a comprehensive, generously illustrated study ranging through the Roman aqueducts of France, Germany, Spain, North Africa, Turkey and Israel as well as the Roman heartland of Italy, A. Trevor Hodge introduces us to these often neglected aspects of what the Romans themselves regarded as one of the greatest glories of their civilisation. Roman Aqueducts is now available for the first time in paperback, brought completely up-to-date with a new Preface and additional Bibliography.

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