Salamis 480 BC (Book published February 24, 2020)


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Author  Konstantinos Papademetriou
Publisher  Squadron/Signal Publications
Publication Date   February 24, 2020
ISBN  0897475674
Pages  96

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The "wooden walls" that saved Greece; an historical essay about the naval Battle of Salamis that took place between the allied Greek naval forces and the Persian-Asian fleet. One of the most important military conflicts of the ancient world, as this monumental Greek victory actually led to the development of the ancient Greek values that gave birth not only to the European, but also to the whole of Western Civilization. Describes the trireme and especially its handling, its method of construction, its crew and its tactics. Includes the historical elements of the battle, a brief biography of the father of the great victory, Themistocles, and chapters from the Persian point of view as well. Also addresses the lesser-known details of the battle to assist in understanding the overwhelmingly difficult conditions under which the Greek fleet prevailed.

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