The Last Missile Site (Book published April 1, 2010)


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Author  Stephen A. Haller
Publisher  Hole in the Head Press
Publication Date   April 1, 2010
ISBN  0976149419
Pages  158

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Go inside a Nike missile site! View the inner workings and relive the day-to-day operations. Told through the eyes of the men and women who stood ready at Site SF-88, THE LAST MISSILE SITE paints a vivid picture of the around-the-clock military mission that protected our nation from aerial attack during the tensest years of the Cold War.

THE LAST MISSILE SITE is the first book to fully describe SF-88—the only restored Nike missile site—and is ideal for historic preservationists, ColdWar buffs, military historians, vets, park managers, park visitors, and volunteer groups.

Inside you'll find:

  • Historical and present-day photographs

  • New 3-D graphics

  • Full-color maps

  • Extensive oral history interviews

  • Full index

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