The Wars of the Diadochi (Book published April 22, 2019)


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Author  in60Learning
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   April 22, 2019
ISBN  1095491881
Pages  40

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Smarter in sixty minutes.Get smarter in just 60 minutes with in60Learning. Concise and elegantly written non-fiction books and audiobooks help you learn the core subject matter in 20% of the time that it takes to read a typical book. Life is short, so explore a multitude of fascinating historical, biographical, scientific, political, and financial topics in only an hour each.When Alexander the Great died, his empire collapsed in a rash of battles an in-fighting between his cavalcade of generals. The Wars of the Diadochi divided up his holdings and determined how much of the Mediterranean world would look for the next thousands of years. Greece, Egypt, Persia, Babylonia, and even parts of India were left hanging in the balance. This ebook jumps into this tumultuous conflict that lasted for nearly one hundred years and impacted every person living in the ancient world. It would also be the conflict most responsible for spreading and consolidating Greek culture throughout the ancient world.

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