Pan-Africanism (Book published August 23, 2018)


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Author  Hakim Adi
Publisher  Bloomsbury Academic
Publication Date   August 23, 2018
ISBN  1474254276
Pages  312

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The first survey of the Pan-African movement this century, this book provides a history of the individuals and organisations that have sought the unity of all those of African origin as the basis for advancement and liberation. Initially an idea and movement that took root among the African Diaspora, in more recent times Pan-Africanism has been embodied in the African Union, the organisation of African states which includes the entire African Diaspora as its 'sixth region'.

Hakim Adi covers many of the key political figures of the 20th century, including Du Bois, Garvey, Malcolm X, Nkrumah and Gaddafi, as well as Pan-African culture expression from N├ęgritude to the wearing of the Afro hair style and the music of Bob Marley.

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