Snow Plough and the Jupiter Deception (Book published July 1


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Author  Kenneth H. Joyce
Publisher  Vanwell Publishing Ltd.
Publication Date   July 1, 2006
ISBN  1551250942
Pages  320

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After nearly a decade of research, author Ken Joyce reveals the truth behind the enigmatic 1st Special Service Force, a military unit that was jointly organized by the United States and Canada. Unlike previous books on the subject, Joyce’s book utilizes government documents that have only recently been made available to historians. Although it is commonly believed that the formation of the 1st SSF was almost entirely a United States-Canada venture, in fact it continued to be monitored by Britain.

Utilizing firsthand accounts from veterans and official records, Snow Plough and the Jupiter Deception describes the formation, training, and operational deployment to the Northern Pacific, Italy and Southern France. Joyce also reveals the genesis of the 1st SSF, the reasons why its initial mission did not come to fruition, and the eventual disbandment of the organization.

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