Decoding the Phaistos Disc (Book published February 17, 2019


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Author  Roberto Mason
Publisher  Independently published
Publication Date   February 17, 2019
ISBN  179659542X
Pages  129

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The clues are out there if you know where to look. The pedestrian on the Phaistos Disc solves for Linear A syllable "KE". The bull's rump on the Phaistos Disc is actually an upside symmetrical flower vase that solves for Linear A syllable "NE". With these simple discoveries, the mapping of the remaining characters starts to fall into place. The writing system on the Phaistos Disc is revealed as Linear A from the Minoans, yet the language on the Phaistos Disc is revealed as an earlier version of the Greek language from Linear B. This shocking paradox will be untangled in this book. Evidence from Linear A, Linear B, Cretan Hieroglyphics, Cypriot, and Cypro-Minoan will all be taken into consideration. Central to the book is the discovery of a new flavor of Linear A characters called "Phaistos Hybrids" that has been hiding in plain sight. These "Phaistos Hybrids" are more detailed drawings of Linear A characters compared to other sites such as Hagia Triada. These "Phaistos Hybrids" allow us to bridge the gap between the picturesque Phaistos Disc characters and the abstract stick figures in Linear A. Still more clues are uncovered on the Arkalochori Axe to allow for decoding Phaistos Disc characters such as the papyrus. Revisiting the books of Sir Arthur Evans will decode characters such as the bow and club. This book will leave you searching for the meaning of "ma-ra2-ti". This book will reignite the debate on missing syllables in Linear A. This book will have you zooming in on the Ship Procession fresco from Akrotiri, looking for new evidence of the connection between Thera and Atlantis. Fans of the Phaistos Disc, this is the book that you have waited your entire lives to read! In "Decoding the Phaistos Disc: Divine Messenger", by Roberto Mason, journey deep into the world of ancient Cretan writing systems. The Phaistos Disc is the world's greatest cryptogram. This easy to read, non-fiction book will disassemble the Phaistos Disc puzzle, piece by piece. This book will provide evidence for the possible writing system, possible language, and possible words on the Phaistos Disc. The first word alone has the power to shake Western Civilization to its core. The Phaistos Disc reveals Minoan themes and rituals, such as Divine Messenger and Divine Cup, that have later parallels in Christianity. Join me in unraveling this ancient relic. Seize your chance to buy the first printing of this book! Roberto Mason is also the author of "Damokoro: The Phaistos Disc Puzzle", an adventure fiction book that challenges you to decrypt the Phaistos Disc. Roberto Mason's third book, "The Phaistos Disc Paradox", will expand upon the findings of the disc.

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