A Review of Korean History (Book published January 25, 2010)


Book Details

Author  Han Young Woo Ph.D.
Publisher  Kyongsaewon Publishing Company
Publication Date   January 25, 2010
ISBN  8983410914
Pages  381


"A Rview of Korean History" is over 30 million copies sold in Korea and is one of the most famous from the history books. "A Rview of Korean History" (Volumes 1-3), a new English-language series, has been published by Kyongsaewon Publishing Company in the Republic of Korea. Featuring a comprehensive overview of Korea's history, from ancient times to today's contemporary era, this series was originally published in Korean in 1997, after which it has enjoyed steady sales in Korea. Complete with full-color printings throughout, this book offers a welcome and undaunting introduction into Korean History. With this English edition being made available to readers abroad, the volumes will serve as a useful information resource for those with an interest in Korean Studies and contribute to a better understanding of Korea's historical developments among the global community.