Korean Ceramics (Book published November 30, 2013)


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Author  Robert Koehler
Publisher  Seoul Selection USA, Inc.
Publication Date   November 30, 2013
ISBN  8997639072
Pages  108

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The most well-known Korean ceramics are the celadon of the Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392) and the white porcelain of the ensuing Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910). The celadons of Goryeo, their grace and color tinged with feminine beauty, symbolize an artistocratic Buddhist culture, while the white porcelains from the Joseon are thought to typify a bureaucratic and scholarly Confucian society and are essentially masculine in tone, vigorous and orderly. Korea’s traditional ceramic wares serve as a barometer for understanding Korean culture in that they most accurately reflect Korean aesthetics and the Korean worldview.

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