The Humanist Interpretation of Hieroglyphs... (Book published


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Author  Karl Giehlow
Publisher  Hes & De Graff Pub B V
Publication Date   January 8, 2015
ISBN  900428172X
Pages  360

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The Hieroglyphenkunde by Karl Giehlow published in 1915, described variously by critics as "a masterpiece", "magnificent", "monumental" and "incomparable", is here translated into English for the first time. Giehlow's work with an initial focus on the Hieroglyphica of Horapollo, the manuscript of which was discovered by Giehlow, was a pioneering attempt to introduce the thesis that Egyptian hieroglyphics had a fundamental influence on the Italian literature of allegory and symbolism and beyond that on the evolution of all Renaissance art.

The present edition includes the illustrations of Albrecht Dürer from the Pirckheimer translation of the Horapollo from the early fifteenth century.

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