Herakleion Museum (Book published December 1, 2003)


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Author  J. A. Sakellarakis
Publisher  Ekdotike Athenon
Publication Date   December 1, 2003
ISBN  9789602130391
Pages  144

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From the remote Neolithic period the soil of Crete has lovingly protected priceless treasures, which have been, and are continually being brought to light by archaeological excavations.These masterpieces of Cretan, and especially of Minoan civilization, are now displayed in the Herakleion Museum, and form a collection of unique value.The publication of the Guide to the Herakleion Museum by Ekdotike Athenon is intended to help the visitor to become acquainted with the treasures of Cretan art in a scientific and methodical way, and, through the exhibits, to trace the evolution of the civilization of the island throughout the many centuries of its history.The structure and composition of the book has been designed with these aims in mind, and the relevant photographs are set out alongside the text. The visitor thus has the opportunity to come into contact, room by room, with the great artistic achievements of Minoan civilization, and to form an idea of the character of its unique cultural heritage.

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