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Author  Samuel Birch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 21, 2012
Pages  690

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The present Work was commenced many years ago as one of a series on the subject of the history of the Pottery of all nations. It comprises the principal features in the history of the art, from the most ancient period till the decadence of theE oman Empire. In theO riental division it embraces the pottery of Egypt and Assyria the two great centres of primaeval civilisation. In classical antiquity it treats on the pottery of Greece and Bome; it ends by a concise account of that of the Celtic and Teutonic nations. A work has been long required which should embody the general history of the fictile art of the ancients combine the information scattered through many memoirs and treatises, and give one continuous accoimt of the rise and progress of this branch of archaeology. The technical portion of the subject has been already elaborately treated by M. Brongniart, and others, and the relation of this art to literature has been the repeated object of the investigations of the learned for the last two centuries. The great advance recently made in the science of archaeology, by the more accurate record of discoveries, the great excavations made upon ancient sites, the new light thrown upon the subject by deeper and more minute examination of ancient authors and inscriptions.
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