Gudrun & Ghost, Laxdale Saga

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Emma Groeneveld
by Andreas Bloch (1860-1917)
published on 07 December 2018
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Artist's rendition of a scene from the 13th-century CE Icelandic Laxdæla Saga (anglicised as Laxdale Saga), which is set in the Viking Age (c. 790-1100 CE). Here, we see one of the saga's main characters, Guðrún, meeting a ghost:

"That same evening that Thorkell and his followers were drowned, it happened at Holyfell that Gudrun went to the church, when other people had gone to bed, and when she stepped into the lichgate she saw a ghost standing before her.

He bowed over her and said, "Great tidings, Gudrun."

She said, "Hold then your peace about them, wretch." (Laxdæla Saga, ch. 76)

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