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The Great Bath, UK

The Roman Baths in Bath- A Deep Dive into Britain’s Ancient History

Bath, the famous spa town in Somerset England, has attracted people from near and far for centuries to its healing springs and baths. Today the city...
Moni Agios Georgios Varsamitis Ruins

Pirates of the Mediterranean

The pirates of the ancient Mediterranean were not, for the most part, the outsiders who knew no country’s allegiance and were the enemies of civilization...
Bell Tower, Ninna-ji


Ninnia-ji is a Shingon Buddhist temple complex located in Kyoto, Japan. Known as the ‘Temple of Heavenly Benevolence’, it was founded in...
Gurjara-Pratihara Coin

Gurjara-Pratihara Empire

The Gurjara-Pratiharas, or simply, the Pratiharas (8th century CE - 11th century CE) held their sway over western and northern India. This dynasty saw...
The Celestial Cow Funerary Bed of Tutankhamun

Book of the Heavenly Cow

The Book of the Heavenly Cow is an ancient Egyptian text dealing with the rebellion of humanity against the sun god Ra, his destruction of the rebels...
The Terracotta Army Panorama

Warfare in Ancient China

Chinese warfare involved perhaps the largest and most technologically advanced armies in the ancient world. Chariots, cavalry, swords, bows and crossbows...
Funerary Statues at Mesita B

The Megalithic Funerary Art of San Agustín

Beginning approximately 2000 years ago, in a rugged stretch of southwestern Colombia where the Andes split into multiple ranges and the mighty Magdalena...
Egyptian Scribes

Immortality of Writers in Ancient Egypt

For the ancient Egyptians, life on earth was only one part of an eternal journey which continued after death. One’s purpose in life was to live...
Late Medieval Land & Maritime Trade Routes

Trade in the Middle Ages

Peoples, cities and states have traded since antiquity but in the medieval period, things escalated so that goods travelled ever greater distances by...
Japanese Kyudo Archer

Martial Arts in Medieval Japan

There were 18 martial arts (bugei or bujutsu) in medieval Japan, and these included use of weapons, unarmed self-defence techniques, swimming, and equestrian...


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