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Dancer, Noh Theatre Scene

Daily Life in Medieval Japan

Daily life in medieval Japan (1185-1606 CE) was, for most people, the age-old struggle to put food on the table, build a family, stay healthy, and try...
Greek Hoplites Fighting

The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta

In ancient Lacedaemon, as in all enduring political communities, there was a symbiotic relationship between the form of government chosen, the way of...
Roman Temple-tombs


Cilicia is the ancient Roman name for the southeastern region of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). It is referenced in the biblical books of Acts and...
Bell Tower, Horyuji

Life in a Japanese Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist monasteries have been part of the Japanese cultural landscape ever since the 7th century CE, and they remained both powerful and socially important...
Silver Kantharos with the Death of Orpheus, Vassil Bojkov Collection

Foreign Influences & Imported Luxuries in Thrace

Defining Thracian art is a difficult task due to the fact that what we call today Thrace was never a single unified state but, rather, a collection...

Conflict & Celts: The Creation of Ancient Galatia

Galatia was the most long-lasting and powerful Celtic settlement outside of Europe. It was the only kingdom of note to be forged during the Celtic invasions...
Emperor Go-Horikawa

Emperor of Japan

The emperor of Japan is a position as the head of state which traditionally dates back to the 7th century BCE and the legendary figure of Emperor Jimmu...
Samurai Sword Handles

Samurai Sword

Swords used by Japanese samurai were renowned for the craftsmanship which produced strong yet flexible curved steel blades with a single, super-sharp...


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