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Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle, located in Monmouthshire, South Wales, was first built c. 1067 by William FitzOsbern and then significantly improved c. 1190 CE by...
Queen Tamar of Georgia

Queen Tamar

Tamar was the queen of Georgia from 1184 to 1213 CE. She is considered one of the greatest of medieval Georgia’s monarchs, and she presided over...
Calligraphy of Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr (l. 573-634 CE, r. 632-634 CE) was an early convert of Islam; he was a close friend and confidant of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and became the...
Tomb of Edward the Black Prince

Edward the Black Prince

Edward of Woodstock (1330-1376 CE), better known as the Black Prince after his distinctive armour or martial reputation, was the eldest son of Edward...
Main Carving, Rock-Cut Tombs of Qizqapan

Ancient Persian Gods, Heroes, and Creatures - The Complete List

The term 'mythology' comes from the Greek mythos (story-of-the-people) and logos (word or speech), meaning the spoken story of a people. Every...
Roman Politicians
Teaching Resource

Ancient Rome Government and Society

We have prepared five lesson plans including classroom activities, assignments, homework, and keys to introduce government and social...
King Edward III of England

Edward III of England

Edward III of England reigned as king from 1327 to 1377 CE. Succeeding his father Edward II of England (r. 1307-1327 CE) following...
Internal Dome of Pantheon
Teaching Resource

Ancient Rome's Legacy

This pack includes a 5-minute podcast describing Rome’s major legacies and a 3-2-1 worksheet to start a constructed classroom discussion. The...
Siege Warfare
Teaching Resource

Fall of Rome

Here you will find a 5-minute podcast explaining in simple terms why Rome fell, a short text to fill in and a diagram to complete based on that podcast...
The Defeat of the Cimbri


The Cimbri were a tribe who lived in northern Jutland during the Roman era. Their ethnicity is enigmatic; scholars generally believe that the Cimbri...


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