Silver Denarius of Trajan (Reverse Side)

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Jesse Sifuentes
published on 05 November 2019
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A silver denarius with Trajan (r. 98-117 CE) on the obverse side. Here on the reverse side, the inscriptions demonstrate the major achievements of the emperor. They read as such: PM-TRP-COSVI-PP-SPQR. These are abbreviations for Pontifex Maximus (the chief priest in Roman religion), Tribunicia Potestate (Tribune of the People), Consul for the 6th time, Pater Patriae (Father of the Country, a great honor bestowed upon emperors and consuls by the Roman Senate), and Senatus Populus Que Romanus, meaning the government and people of Rome.

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About the Author

Jesse Sifuentes
I'm a World History teacher in Houston. I'm passionate about Ancient Rome, particularly Augustus' Principate and the Late Republic. My other passions include classical music, art, the Italian language, and the Sicilian dialect.

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